• Salary and increments during Suspension after reinstatement

Dear sir(s),
Disciplinary proceedings  started  in Dec.2003 with my suspension and were over in May 2006 with Dismissal..Appellate authority rejecting the dismissal order reinstated me back in the services of corporation in Jan 2008.Its main contents are-
-An increment shall be postponed for two years.
-The period from date of dismissal to date of joining shall be treated on "Suspension" .  
The appellate authority's order is not being implemented in totality for a long period.Recently, after a lapse of six years approx., competent authority has issued an order by which they are not giving any penny( no salary) for the period from date of dismissal to date of joining i.e. May'06-Jan.'08.They are also not giving any increment during this period while he is maintaining my continuity of  service during this period and says it will not affect seniority and superannuation benefits.Employer is releasing my increments only after the date of joining i.e. Jan'08 It is not out of place to mention a important fact that I have received the full salary of the period from Dec.'03 to May'06.
Now, in light of the above, it is humbly requested to advise
-Could my employer stop the increments and salary during the suspension period (declared by Appellate authority i.e. from May'06 to Jan'08) on his own without seeking consent of Appellate authority?
- Could the part of the suspension period be treated differently?
R Sharma
Asked 2 years ago in Civil Law from Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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