• According to forrest law

My friend named Diwakar Pandey (From Jharkhand) wants to Sell his Tractor. He negotiate with Ramprasad about Tractor & Final deal with him. Diwakar give Tractor's Document to Ramprasad for Transfer on his Name. 
       Meanwhile, Diwakar's Driver was kept by Deputy Forrest Officer, to stolen stone in Forrest area with a Tractor. DFO take away the Tractor with him & given Tractor to Police Station. In Police Station, They Not asked about the Tractor Documents.
     When Ramprasad going to R.T.O. Office for Transfer Tractor on his Name, There is No Legal Case or Pending Loan on Tractor. Because of No Case or No Pending Loan on the Tractor, Tractor was Transfer to  Ramprasad.
    Now, I wants to ask Some Questions, Please Answer me according to Legal Procedure.

( 1 ) When Ramprasad going to Transfer Tractor on his Name, There is no Legal Case on Tractor & its Transferred on his Name. in this Case, Can Police Tow the Tractor & Retain it?

( 2 ) Now a days, Tractor is on Ramprasad's Name.  On Whom any Legal Action can Done ?

( 3 ) If Ramprasad Show Legal Transfer Paper & Documents to Police, Tractor can get back to Him ?
My Friend Diwakar talk to Me & said," I Wants to Give Tractor to Ramprasad, Because he gave me Money for it. Then Legal Case on Me. Its OK. I agree with the Court's Punishment."

Please Sir,  Reply Soon & If any way to Get Back Tractor, also mention.
Asked 3 years ago in Criminal Law from Ranchi, Jharkhand

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