• Forced to work without renewing contract for 10 months & EL

I am writing this with hope that you can help me or suggest right way to handle my problem shared below.

I joined Homital Med Care as Deputy Director Nursing on 9th January,2012 to build this company from scratch.
I was not given appointment letter for many months and when I persisted I was told to sign yearly contract rather than normal appointment letter.
During my interview it was never discussed and no one of my department was put on contract.
I was targeted many times by putting me down in front of other and my juniors. 

In January 2013 my contact got over and asked to renew my contact. I was told that it will be done soon but I kept waiting and my contract was not renewed.
I was forced to work without renewing my contract for 10 months.

On many occasions I was treated very badly by my superior and insulted in front of my staff.

I told very clearly that if my services are not required or company doesn't have fund then I should be told and I will happily resign from my services but I can't accept such harassment and discrimination.

Finally I decided to quit this organisation to end this discrimination and bad treatment given by my superior as I understood my contract was not renewed  intentionally to avoid responsibility of paying money for remaining months of year if I insist for contact renewal.

I was told that can I rethink on my decision as the new person was new and company wanted some time to find my replacement.
I agreed for the same and extended my resignation date.
While resigning I asked for my earned leave and I was told that I will not be paid for EL but I can take leave for the same days. I agreed and took leave during my resignation period and submitted leave application for the same to  our office.

I had my CL and EL . I was told by office that I can't en cash my leave and I can only avail it. I submitted my resignation and took leave as suggested by office during notice period. Even though my contract was not renewed but I told to give notice period.

After given resignation I kept calling office but I didn't get any reply for more than 1.5 months. I was given various reason like there is financial crunch, person in charge not there etc and finding different reasons to harass me by not giving my relieving letter and my pending dues.

When I sent many mails then 2 weeks back I received a reply in which they have not taken in account of my EL and CL taken for which I had submitted forms.
I am been unnecessarily harassed by creating such situations. I am really very much shaken and don't know what to do. My employer is actually enjoying it as I can't join any where else without relieving letter and he is not paying my valid dues. My employer wants me to go legal as he knows it will take long and I will suffer more.

 I was hopeful that after my resignation I will be paid my dues without any more tricks and harassment but with different ways I am still been harassed. 

Raman Deep
Asked 4 years ago in Labour from New Delhi, Delhi

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